Yes – the price includes a script, voice over and the completed video.

The only time we charge extra is if you need a voice over that is not in English or has an accent other than American, British or Australian. In these cases, we need to outsource the voice over work.

No, we won’t do this. Drawing something from scratch would be a very expensive service. We use existing models from our library and can also import images that you send us. If your product is not very specific, we might have a similar animated item in our library or we might be able to create a simplified animated version.

Our videos are animated, so we don’t do any live filming of your product or service. However, if you have live video that you wish to include in your animated video, we can include it.

We offer one round of visual revisions once the video has been completed and further tweaks of those changes if required. The script cannot be changed after you confirm it as the voice over will already be recorded.

Our preferred method of payment is Paypal, as they offer Buyer Protection for your peace of mind. If you do not have a Paypal account, we also accept Credit/Debit cards.

As each video usually takes us a minimum of 5 hours to complete, we always ask for full payment prior to the order starting.

Final delivery is within 7-10 business days after you confirm the script. If possible, we always deliver sooner

We pride ourselves in our streamlined process that doesn’t waste your time.

Experience has shown us that email is by far the most time-efficient method of communication, and clear written questions and answers lead to the best results with our videos.

We get all the information we need from you to complete the video via our questionnaire and a couple of emails.